The Elephants Trample Upon The Lions

The Elephants trample upon the Lions.
After what seemed like a state of despondency, Cote voire came back from the dead, putting into consideration their dispirited display in their group stage encounter with the Equitorial guinea when they were trounced by a double brace, but this time around they came out to sparkle like diamonds and indeed they sparkled.
They conceded an early goal to the Teranga Lions precisely in the fourth minute, but they picked up their game and dominated proceedings after that goal and in the second half they continued mounting pressure on the Teranga Lions, eventually former Arsenal winger Nicholas Pepe was brought down by former Chelsea goalie Edourd Mendy and Frank Kessie brought his experience to bear as he spectacularly scored the pk. The Elephants never got fagged out as they kept impressing, however they couldn’t score more goals and we went into penalty shoot outs and Niakiahate of Senegal missed his opportunity from the 12 yards. Frank Kessie stepped up again and did an encore beating Mendy and sending Sadio Mane and co back home and they won’t be defending the cup they won in the last edition of the nations cup.
The Lions have been trrampled upon by the Elephants. The Elephants now have the Blue Sharks of Cape verde to contend with for a place in the semi finals.
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