Celebrating beauty and brain -a woman of substance – Mrs Victoria Ayodele Haastrup.

Celebrating beauty and brain -a woman of substance – Mrs Victoria Ayodele Haastrup.

Mrs Victoria Ayodele Haastrup is CEO at
ENL Consortium LTD.

ENL Consortium is a Multi Faceted Business Conglomerate,
With Interests in Maritime(Port Operations, Cargo Terminal Operation, Warehousing, Trans-Shipments),
Oil & Gas Services,
Power Generation,
Real Estate Development,
Retail Services & Hospitality(USA),
Haulage & Logistics.

It was Founded in 2002 with a Vision to Create Ease of Imports & Exports through Efficient Port Management.

The Company Started Out in the Maritime Sector when they won the Bids & were Awarded Concessions of Apapa Port Terminal C & D in 2006,
Before Diversifying to other Sectors of the Economy where they’ve Made & Making Positive Marks.

They Won the Bid for 80% Stake in OGCL-
Olorunsogo Generation Company Limited,
Owners of the 754MW Olorunsogo II Gas Fired Power Plant in Ogunmola Oke, Ogun State at $751m.

She had her First Degree in Business Management from Kaplan Holborn College, London.

She Underwent Several Courses in Business, Corporate Governance & Management,
Helping her Pilot the Affairs of the Business to Enviable Heights,

They’ve Grown Over the Years from a Single Company to a Group Generating Hundreds of Millions of Dollars,
Providing Employment for
Thousands of Workers.
Having Investments Worth Over $3B in the Maritime Sector alone.

She Earlier Worked with NNPC for 2 Decades before Joining her Husband in the Private Sector.

Mrs Vicky Haastrup is Currently the Chairman,
Sea Port Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria as well as
President Chartered Institute of Shipping.

She’s a Devout Christian & Philanthropist,
She’s 64 Years Old,

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