Why Govt Should Subside And Untax Menstrual Pads-group.

Why Govt Should Subside And Untax Menstrual Pads-group.

A coalition of non-profit organizations have called on the government to provide subsidies and exempt menstrual pads from taxes to enhance menstrual hygiene among women and girls nationwide.

The group feared that women and girls might go down with avoidable diseases emanating from alternatives to menstrual pad.

The organisations had formed a movement tagged “Untax My Menstrual Pad” to advocate for the danger associated with skyrocketed prices of modern menstrual pad.

Some of the NGOs include; Kairos Initiative, Al-Wadata Lifeline Initiative, Attah Sisters Helping Hands Foundation, Child is Gold Foundation and others.

At the end of a three-day stakeholders’ meeting on Sunday, the coalition in a communique resolved to demand for subsidised and untaxed menstrual pad.

According to the group, there is a need to sensitise rural and urban communities in Bauchi State on the prevention of stigmatisation of the girl child, particularly during cycle and when abused.

Part of the communique reads, “To support and encourage survivors to ensure no girl misses school because of menstrual pain through capacity building and the provision of first pad banks in all schools.

“Also to advocate to the ministry of education and ministry of health to ensure there is a policy on pad and free distribution for schools as a way of reducing the number of girls who miss school during their menstrual period. Advocate to schools and community heads on the importance of a menstrual stigma free society

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