Vital health information



Information from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is that the current change in weather/atmosphere across the country is not harmattan, but rather an extreme form of air pollution with dire consequences on human health.

This can be hazardous and lead to:

1. Reduced Lung function.
2. Respiratory infection
3. Inflammation
4. Oxidative Stress (low level of antioxidants which creates an imbalance in your body)

Consequently, everyone is being advised to:

– Mask-up (wear nose mask)
-Stay hydrated (Drink more water)
– Cover food and water very well to prevent dust from settling on them.
– Wash fruits very well before eating them.
– And stay indoors as much as possible.

This condition may prevail for a considerable period.

Therefore, let’s take note and adhere and keep our families and friends informed.

Hood newspapers.

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