Policeman Who Rejected 150M Naira Gift, Given Land.

Policeman Who Rejected 150M Naira Gift, Given Land.

“I remember when the incident happened, the person in question asked me if I wanted to be rich.

“It was an opportunity for me to be rich. 

“The bribe was offered to enable him to escape abroad and to influence me to write a favourable report about him after the investigation.

“I said to him that it depended on the kind of riches he was talking about because I would not like to have riches that would make it difficult to lay my head down and sleep at night.

“So, I decided to do the right thing so that I can have peace of mind, not just for myself, but for my organisation, that is, the Nigeria Police Force, and also for the country at large.”

Sini called on the youth to stand for justice and integrity always no matter the circumstances.

He further advised young people in the country not to trade their integrity for anything immoral.

He added: “Integrity counts. 

“It is possible to be in the middle of a lot of challenges and the storms of life and still be upright.

“Nigeria is our country and Nigeria shall be great.”

While presenting the title deeds of the land to Sini, the Commissioner, Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Benneth Igweh, said the policeman’s conduct has brought pride to the Nigerian Police.

Igweh said: “We are proud of you.

“I want to let you know that your conduct has brought pride to the Nigeria Police Force and I will continue to look out for you and encourage you to be the best example for others to follow.

“We urge other members of the Force to emulate SP Sini.

“His integrity serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that even in challenging circumstances, it is possible to remain true to one’s values.

“This honour is aimed at not only appreciating the laudable conduct of Superintendent Ibrahim Sini, but to demonstrate that society appreciates individuals of integrity and good conduct.”

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