Nkechi Blessing Says She Is Ready For Marriage.

Nkechi Blessing Says She Is Ready For Marriage.

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has stated that she is prepared to get married.

She mentioned that the pressure of getting older and seeing many celebrities getting married has made her consider marriage more seriously.

She added that while she wasn’t ready for marriage before, her perspective on it has now shifted.

The actress, however, advised single people not to succumb to marriage pressure, emphasizing that love is wonderful and enjoyable.

She wrote on her Instagram page: “On the 25th it was Chivido, yesterday was crazy about us [Sharon Oojo’s wedding]. I’m just here thinking, whether it’s ExcessLove, XxBlessing, or Nkechi is XX, or Xxssive is Blessing.”

“I am prepared now. I wasn’t ready before. They will pressure you, don’t panic, I panicked. The pressure is intense, love is sweet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, love is a wonderful thing. Look at their smiles.

“It seems I am ready now. Please suggest hashtags and the best designer for my dresses. The pressure has finally caught up with me, and I am getting older.”

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