It Is Going To Be The Syli Stars Against The Leopards.

It Is Going To Be The Syli Stars Against The Leopards.

Quarter finals pairings :

It is going to be the Syli stars of Guinea locking horns with the Leopards of Democratic republic of Congo in the second quarter finals pairings.
The Leopards have sent the Pharohos packing after a gruelling penalty shootouts with Gabaski the goalkeeper of the Pharaohs hitting the post with his pk, while Mpasi the goal tender of DR Congo cooly and smiling slotted his pk into the net after all the on fields players have taken their turns with one miss apiece by the two teams. The match itself ended 1-1, both teams scored in the first half, Elia scored for DRC, from an assist by the Brentford player Yoanne Wissa, while Mohammed brought the game to parity after Hegazi the giant defender of Egypt was adjudged to be fouled upon, the eventually pk was converted by Mohammed (who surprisingly lost his pk in the shootouts) but didn’t record any further goals, before eventually heading to PKs.
Tomorrow, it’s going to be the big one when the host nation Cote voire 🇨🇮 take on the defending champions Senegal for a place in the quarter finals . Will the Eephants trample on the Lions or will the Lions take the Elephants for dinner? It’s just a matter of time and the drama will unfold.

Earlier on the Syli stars of Guinea stopped the fairy tale run of Equitorial guinea when they scored a last minute gasp winner to book a spot and to take on DRC in the second quarter finals on Friday 2/2/2024 .
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