Episode 51


Ep 51 – Serena Celebrates
I’m loving this story. You should listen to it. And it’s completely FREE!
https://pocketfm.onelink.me/2IE7/rt4hw3lf. Good evening beautiful people. Your soar away drama series “Billionaire bounded by Love” ❤️ is here for your listening pleasure. Today we are in episode 51. I titled today’s episode “Serena celebrates”(she is the mother of Janet, who is one of the protagonists in my story ). Usually after the rain comes sunshine. Remember Serena almost kicked the bucket, but thank goodness for her boss turned brother Mr Michael Brown she is hale and hearty. For the first time since she started working for him, she celebrates, and it is massive, not just celebration, she received life transforming gifts. Please click to the link above and enjoy the evening with a daily dose of my fictional drama series, and remember every episode carries a message, and equally loaded with well articulated lines for your listening pleasure, excitement, and entertainment. Have you downloaded the new Pocket FM radio app? Please do today and enjoy my drama series. Expect more.

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