Delta Govt. To Establish Youths Resource Centre

Delta Govt. To Establish Youths Resource Centre

By Onomiguren Agbamu

The Delta state government has said it has pile up plans to establish a resource center for youths across the state to reawaken their individual talents and also diversifying from the “traditional” empowerment.

The commissioner for youth, Hon. Agbatemiyiro Isaac Weyini gave the revelation on Monday 4th, November 2023 at Asaba during the ministry budget defense at state House of Assembly.

Hon. Weyimi hinted that the 2024 budget as tagged “Buddget of Hope by the incumbent Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborewori that youths should be hopeful and be optimistic, saying that there are countless packages for youth development.

According to him, ” the 2024 budget is a budget of hope, and I am optimism as propounded by my principal, F. O Oborewori, the youths should be hopeful and optimistic, there are lots of packages in the budget for youth development through the Y-DE 7 series, a new policy in the ministry”.

Agbatemiyiro also noted that the 2024 budget will address the issue of establishing youth resource and development center that will enable the ministry to have a remarkable departure from other youths facilities in the state.

In his statement, “another important component of the 2024 budget is the issue of establishment of youths resource center, the resource center will enable us to have a remarkable departure from others youth facilities that we have in the state.

Hon. Weyini said this administration will ensure adequate mobilization of youths across the state for inclusiveness and development in line with the Governor’s MORE Agenda.

Also defended their budget were; Minister of Environment, Sports commission, Capital Territory and others.

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