Chidi Mokeme Opens Up On His Journey In Nollywood.

Chidi Mokeme Opens Up On His Journey In Nollywood.

“I’ve Nothing Left To Prove After Spending 34 Years In Nollywood” – Chidi Mokeme

Nigerian actor, Chidi Mokeme has revealed that he has nothing else to prove in Nollywood.

The actor said this while celebrating “34 years in Nollywood”.

He spoke via his Instagram page.

Sharing a video of himself on a movie set with other household names such as Femi Adebayo, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, and Sharon Ooja, Mokeme said he has a good relationship with his colleagues, both “young and old”.

According to him, he loved hearing stories of how his career inspired the younger generation of actors.

The 51-year-old said he has nothing more to prove to anyone — looking at his years of experience in the film industry.

“The other day when we gathered to do a thing for @naijaonnetflix we had such a great time bonding and catching up. Y’all notice I have a pretty good relationship with all of my colleagues, young and old,” he wrote.

“I love hearing stories of how young they were when they started watching me, and how my craft was instrumental to shaping their aspirations and ambitions. And my goofy side always gets people to brighten up.

“In my books, a win for one, is a win for all. With almost 34 years of my life invested in this industry, there’s nothing to prove to anyone. I choose collaboration over competition.

“But that’s not the story. I love seeing the brightest side of everyone. I loveeet when we’re all smiling, cos this job can be brutal, I swear.

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