Calvin Bassey Road To Success – quite inspiring, keep moving.

Calvin Bassey Road To Success – quite inspiring, keep moving.

🟢Motivational Word Of The Day | Calvin Bassey Speaking On How He Went For Several Soccer Trials And Was Rejected Before Becoming The chief Corner stone

“I went To Luton Orient twice i got rejected
I went on trial to Charlton, I got rejected.
I went to like some crystal Palace thing, No!
I was at wolves and they was like they are not sure.
I went to play games in like some crazy place like feetwood, I went to play game against them.
I remember I was on my way to one streak like Southampton trial, anywhere I could get a sniff of playing professional football

A lot of professional club I went to said no before I get to where I am today.”

They do say things like you are not ready, you are not good enough, we have someone like you, we have someone similar and it’s just like hearing such things , you just wanna quit and just say you know what, i don’t wanna go anymore.

Another person could think, “How the h*ll, you can’t even play football.”

It’s just how life is. Just being able to prove them wrong is what I live for and why I go out every day and work so hard.

I forced myself to not let there rejection broke me down.

So never ever give up 💯

Meanwhile calving grow up in East London in Stratford.

We hope This inspires you and help motivate your believe to excel despite what the world have thrown at you. ♥️

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