Couple caught out on big screen in a ”compromising position’ at Australia cricket match (video)

A young couple were caught out on the big screen in a ”compromising position’ at a cricket match in Australia on Thursday, December 28.

The couple were horrified as they saw their cuddly behaviour on the huge screen. While they covered their faces in shame, they got a massive cheer from the crowd during the Second Test between Australia and Pakistan.

SEN Cricket commentator Adam Collins suggested the young couple wouldn’t want the footage ‘going around the world’.

‘Two 16-year-olds having a bit of a kiss and cuddle flashed up on the screen and they’ve immediately covered their faces,’ he said.

Obviously, they’re not meant to be having a kiss and cuddle up there at the back of the Ponsford Stand and the whole crowd has risen as one to them.

‘And one of their mates – assume it’s one of their mates – has run over and given a dig in front of the camera.

‘Here they are for a second time and they’ve realised, ‘Oh no’. And now the young fella is walking down the stairs with a jumper over his face. Receiving another standing ovation from the crowd.’ 

According to the MCG, 39,802 fans attended Day Three of the Boxing Day Test at Melbourne’s iconic stadium, with Australia in a commanding position over Pakistan having already won the first Test in Perth. 

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